Low Back Pain study
Do you or a loved one suffer from chronic lower back pain?

Chronic lower back pain affects many people all over the world. If you, or a loved one, are suffering from back pain, you may be interested in participating in a research study.
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Your participation matters

SPIRE – high cholesterol study
Are you at risk?

A study for people that have hypercholesterolemia, who also have high risk for cardiovascular events.
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Help create a healthier future

Patients with a moderate to severe diagnosis.

We are looking for volunteers with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to participate in a clinical trial.
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Finding cures depends on you

PILLAR Overactive Bladder Study
Overactive Bladder (OAB) is a frequent condition affecting older adults.

OAB related urinary incontinence has been associated with other health related problems in seniors.
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Volunteer and make a difference

Migraine Research Study
Local doctors are conducting a research study on migraines.

If you or a loved one experiences migraines, you may be interested in participating in this study.
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Become a Medical Hero

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Why Join A Study?

    There are various reasons for participating in a clinical research study:

    • to try an investigational medication which may not otherwise be available for a medical condition
    • to learn more about your medical condition and receive additional study-related medical attention
    • to learn more about the clinical research process
    • to contribute to a greater understanding of a medical condition and its potential future treatment for the benefit of others


  • “The clinical trial I participated in was a very rewarding experience. The drug I was trialing was a positive for my condition. My provider of the study was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. My appointments were always on time and conducted with the utmost care. A job well done!”

    – Woodstock, Ontario

  • “I have participated in many asthma studies….You really feel like they [study staff] care about your health and they are there to provide support and suggestions regarding your health such as new drugs that may help you down the road. That is why I participate in these studies because I am always looking to improve my health.”

    – Newmarket, Ontario

  • “I was very fortunate to participate in a clinical trial, not only because I have benefited from a new cholesterol-reducing drug, but also because the relationship with the doctor’s office that developed out of the trial led to the early detection and treatment of a heart condition that might otherwise have been fatal in a few years….”

    – Woodstock, Ontario

Please note that these testimonials describe the experiences of a few study participants and may not accurately describe your experience.

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