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The Impact of Healthcare Privatization on Quality of Care: Insights from 13 Studies

In a comprehensive meta-analysis spanning 13 longitudinal studies across high-income countries, researchers scrutinized the effects of healthcare privatization on patient care quality. Covering nations including Canada, Croatia, USA, and others, the analysis assessed changes before and after privatization, focusing on indicators like staffing, patient mix, and health outcomes.  The meta-analysis revealed a concerning trend: privatization

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Study Results – Amgen Posts Promising Results for Psoriatic Arthritis

Today the Team at would like to acknowledge the dedicated work of one of our Investigators, Dr. Sabeen Anwar. Dr. Anwar and her team have played a key part in gathering new data to advance the knowledge of patient care for the condition of Psoriatic Arthritis.  The APPRAISE study, a prospective observational investigation conducted


Prediabetics May Benefit from Taking Cinnamon Supplements

In a recent randomized, controlled, double-blind trial, researchers in the United States investigated the impact of a modest daily intake of 4g of cinnamon supplements over four weeks on blood glucose levels. The study, extended with continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) data, focused on participants with obesity and prediabetes. Contradictory


Breakthrough Discovery Offers New Avenues for Lupus Treatment

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin have made a discovery regarding the autoimmune disease lupus, shedding light on a mechanism that can trigger the disease in children. Lupus is characterized by severe inflammation throughout the body, leading to significant impacts on affected individuals’ lives. The research focuses on a specific immune

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Vegan Diet’s Rapid Cardiovascular Benefits: Insights from Stanford’s Identical Twin Study

A recent study conducted by researchers from Stanford Medicine, published in JAMA Network Open, reveals that adopting a vegan diet can lead to significant improvements in cardiovascular health within just eight weeks. The study, unique for its focus on identical twins, aimed to eliminate genetic and lifestyle variations that often complicate diet research.  Involving 44

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Study Results – Merck Reveal New Pneumococcal Vaccine

Merck & Co. has presented data from a phase 3 trial showcasing the potential of its pneumococcal vaccine candidate, V116, to rival Pfizer’s current market dominance in vaccines of this nature. In the United States, Prevnar 20 (Pfizer’s vaccine) currently commands a dominant 95% share. However, Merck contends that V116 offers broader protection, making it

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Study Results – Sanofi and Regeneron Make Advance in COPD Research

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals and Sanofi have announced positive results from their phase 3 trial, titled NOTUS, evaluating Dupixent (dupilumab) for the treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The trial demonstrated that Dupixent significantly reduced COPD exacerbations by 34% (compared to placebo) in patients with moderate-to-severe COPD who also show evidence of type 2 inflammation of