• 23 SEP 16
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    Dr. Sam Henein Interviewed in Local Newspaper for his Work with Alzheimer’s Disease


    Approximately 550,000 Canadians suffer from the neurodegenerative disease known as Alzheimer’s Disease, which is also the cause of 60% to 70% of cases of dementia. This disease is associated with symptoms such as memory loss, difficulty performing simple tasks, disorientation of time and space, and even sudden changes in mood or personality. It is a disease that takes an incredible toll on not only the people affected, but also on their family and friends. Finding an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease has been a challenge, but a clinical study undertaken by Dr. Sam Henein may provide patients with renewed optimism.


    Dr. Henein was recently interviewed by a local newspaper, the Newmarket Era, about his participation in a Phase 3 clinical trial for Alzheimer’s Disease patients. The study is referred to as the MINDSET study, and the evidence from earlier research on the medication being studied is very encouraging. The trial drug seems to not only help improve everyday functioning, but may also aid in the recovery of cognitive ability. “For the first time in years, there’s a new drug on the horizon. Once approved, it may really benefit dementia patients much more than what is available to date,” said Dr. Henein.


    To read the full article on Dr. Henein, click here.

    To learn more about Dr. Henein and the clinical trials he is currently working on, click here.

    To read more about the MINDSET study, visit its page on here.

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