Reduce Chronic Inflammation with Nutritional Tips and Natural Remedies

Inflammation is often made out to be the bad guy, but it’s actually a crucial part of your body’s immune system response—one you couldn’t live without. We’ve all experienced inflammation at some point or another. It’s what causes the redness and swelling that appears around a mosquito bite, or the tender, soft skin that appears when

Arthritis Exercises

Arthritis In Your Hands: 7 Exercises To Help Alleviate Symptoms

If you suffer from arthritis, you probably know that it can cause uncomfortable stiffness and pain in the joints. Symptoms of arthritis affect approximately one in six Canadians and include: inflammation tenderness irritation achy joints limited range of motion   If you don’t have arthritis, in all likelihood you know someone who does. Arthritis can

Relieve Arthritis Pain

How To Relieve Arthritis Pain: 9 Suggested Therapies

The Canadian Pain Society reports that 20% of all Canadians—one in five—suffer from chronic pain. Up to half of those people suffer from osteoarthritis, a disease which affects more than three million Canadians.     The staggering costs associated with lost productivity, related health conditions, and medical treatments amount to hundreds of billions of dollars